I have been a client of Phone Solutions for over 3 years. What I would personally like to say is the service and quality is like no other. I own eight restaurants and before merging with Phone Solutions my combined phone bills totalled over $1100.00 and now they have dropped down to $475.00. Also, if anything does go wrong, which is very seldom, they are literally a phone call away even on weekends. I highly recommend this company.
– Andy A. – Popi's Place

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Fusion VoIP and PBX

From $24.95/mo. and as low as $19.95/mo. each additional phone!

Phone Solutions provides hosted VOIP telephone service for small businesses of 3-25 phone applications. Fusion Phone can make starting and managing a new business a breeze. We can design and implement a complete PBX solution in as little as 24 hours! Phone Solutions offers the perfect small business phone service in the Sarasota and Bradenton areas.

With features that you would expect from a full featured stand alone phone system and convenient web portal for station administration Fusion Phone is a great choice for ease of installation and flexible features!

Fusion Phone has a business phone solution for your small business.


  • Find Me Reach Medefinition for Find Me Reach Me Feature on VOIP phones
    Enable incoming phone calls to be received at different locations, on different phones so you won't miss important calls.
  • Caller IDdefinition for Caller ID on VOIP phones
    Transmits a caller's name & number to the called party's telephone equipment so you can greet callers more personally and get a head start on their file.
  • Caller ID pass thrudefinition for Caller ID pass thru on VOIP phones
    Allows you to maintain the original caller's identity when forwarding an inbound call to you cell phone or other phone so caller ID convenience follows you on the road.
  • Call recordingdefinition for Call recording on VOIP phones
    Recording of some or all calls to and from employees for improved customer service and quality control.
  • Enhanced voice maildefinition for Enhanced voice mail on VOIP phones
    Allows Voicemail to Email & ability to check voicemails through the web portal so you can stay on top of your clients needs from anywhere.
  • Low to no up front costdefinition for Low to no up front cost on VOIP phones
    Phones available to rent to keep out of pocket costs as low as possible.
  • Low monthly phone billsdefinition for Low monthly phone bills on VOIP phones
    When compared to a hardware system and standard CO lines.
  • Unlimited long distance callingdefinition for Unlimited long distance calling on VOIP phones
    In the U.S. and Canada.

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call toll-free (855) 374-1234 option #3.