I have been a client of Phone Solutions for over 3 years. What I would personally like to say is the service and quality is like no other. I own eight restaurants and before merging with Phone Solutions my combined phone bills totalled over $1100.00 and now they have dropped down to $475.00. Also, if anything does go wrong, which is very seldom, they are literally a phone call away even on weekends. I highly recommend this company.
– Andy A. – Popi's Place

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Business Phone Systems

Get the best business phone system for your business

What kind of Phone System works best for My Business?

Determining what kind of phone system will be best for your business really depends on the ratio of phone lines you have to the number of phones you have. If your business has more than 3 phones per line, then for you, ESI is the way to go! For example, if you have 8 lines, with 30 phones, ask us about our ESI business phone solutions. If you have 12 lines with 30 phones, then our Fusion phones can help save your business money every month.

ESI Business Phone System:

Phone Solutions Inc is the solution for your ESI business phone systems. We are one of only a handful of ESI dealers in the nation with a certified Master Tech. Phone Solutions Inc. has over 70 years of combined experience serving the Manasota area with unsurpassed customer service. When you purchase ESI phones for your office from Phone Solutions, our amazing support team will blow you away. You can expect a different level of service from Phone Solutions. Your service techs will work with you until your issue is resolved and you speak to the same support team member every time. Our support team is also local – so if necessary, your tech can drive out and troubleshoot the issue at your business.

Fusion VoIP

How does Fusion save you money? The next time you get your business phone service bill, check out how much you're paying for your line service (also known as co-lines). The average phone line service is approximately $60.00 per line but with Fusion, there are no charges for line service. Fusion phones also have low startup costs, which is perfect for businesses that are just starting out. Fusion startup costs can run as low as $100 per phone! At Phone Solutions we have corporate level servers to ensure that your service is not interrupted and should any issues spring up, we offer a complimentary 2 hour response time – guaranteed!

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